Daily wonder, everyday moments

I really appreciate this post by David Frawley on the solstice and the fact that there is no magic pill [my words], and that a shift in consciousness is the work of a decade, a generation. We participate in this through our dharma, personal and social. Moments can be auspicious, and the alignment of planets surely has an influence on us, just as the phases of the moon. Ritual, celebration and symbolism are very important parts of life and human culture. 

That said, we do not live in or for a moment; just as we do not live our marriage on the wedding day. Celebratory, auspicious moments give life texture and bolster us for a new day. But they are not more important really than the many moments that make up our days. The ordinary days in which we rise, give thanks, make breakfast for the kids, and/or ourselves, contemplate non-independent existence, move out in the society, do some work, some days inspiring, some days basic and routine. We still take out the garbage, walk the kids to school, or take out the dog (in the rain or sleet, and even when we don’t feel like it), we feel fully the range of human emotions that pass through, see ourselves as both infinitely small in the scale of the universe, and infinitely vast. Life and inspiration are also in the daily greeting of the crossing guard, and the conversation with an elderly neighbour. 

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of talk about grandiosity. I posted about this a few months ago. I would challenge us as a yoga/wellness community, and/or local community, to find meaning in the ‘small’, meaningful, everyday interactions in our lives that give daily life texture, and enrich our sense of community, belonging, purpose. Here’s to the people serving and sharing every day in what may seem ‘small’ or un-grandiose ways. Being and sharing in these daily moments and series of moments is a big part of our dharma. For this I am grateful. And please do read the following by David Frawley, who never ceases to inspire me with his grounding work in the vast tradition of Sanatana Dharma. Om!

Powerful Winter Solstice December 21, 2012 The winter solstice is always an important event in the Vedic calendar. It marked the beginning of the New Year and new cycle of rituals in the ancient Vedic system of fire worship. Astronomically, it marks the time at which the solar energy reaches its lowest ebb in the nort…See More

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